I did my first ever DJ gig in 1984. A school disco with two turntables, a tape deck, and a bunch of italodisco and synthpop records -plus cheesy heavyrock and ballads to please the crowd. And I was called DJ Bon Jori. (It should be noted that I had Tuomas Salmela aka Phonogenic on the dancefloor already back then.)

I got properly introduced to the art of DJing through radio though; hearing shows like Rakt Över Disc and Tempo on the Swedish radio made me interested in what it was all about. In the early 90's DJ Kapa, a resident at a club called DisCemi, became my first real connection to actual DJing; how to beatmix, build an evening, etc... Watching him work in the DJ booth for a couple of years almost every weekend gave me a good idea how to work even a difficult crowd.

But my DJ career did not really start until 1995 when I heard Derrick May's DJ set from the Swedish radio, recorded at a club called Monday Bar in Stockholm. Simply an awesome selection. Together with local friends Ari "Lumi records" Ruokamo and the aforementioned Tuomas Salmela SL 1200- decks were bought and buying records changed from collecting music to getting trax to play for the floor. Also, this was a time when I realized I could actually end up playing in places where I didn't have to make any musical compromises. My first real DJ gig was in 1996 in the city of Joensuu, and another soon after that in Vaasa. My third ever DJ gig was at the Transmusical Festival in France in December that same year infront of thousands of ravers. After that I've played clubs and festivals all over the world from Singapore to Sao Paolo, Hong Kong to San Francisco, Sydney to Montreal, Moscow to Miami, Irkuts to New York... not to mention all over Europe and the UK.

The philosophy I have always kept true about DJing is to combine my 13'000 plus 12" vinyl collection that focuses on house/techno/electronic/disco with all the latest (digital)music and create a mixture that compliements the history of clubmusic with a touch of its future, while keeping it all very personal.


I never intended to do any live gigs, and I'm still not quite sure how I discovered myself playing my first ever show - an F comm label night at the REX Club in Paris in September 19th 1996, all to celebrate the release of my Selkäsaari Tracks album on F comm out earlier in the year. The show was a success, and I played actually more as a live act between 1996-1999 than as a DJ. At the time the live equipment I used were Amiga 500 for sequencing and sampling (as a monitor I used an old 4" LCD-tv, from which I could barely see which files to load -but that was enough), Yamaha DX-100, and Roland R8mkII, plus an odd effect and Boss BX-16 to mix it all. Later in '97 I updated the setup as the Amiga fell apart during a gig (I had to play two gigs in Spain by using only the R8mkII. Derrick Carter loved it and wanted to sign those patterns), and the MPC-2000 became the backbone of the live.

In 1999 I decided to focus on making music and DJing, meaning that I was fed up with taking equipment from the studio with me every weekend, then plugging them back in after the weekend gigs and hope that nothing was broken. Also, I was frustrated with the idea that people were coming to see a live act, good music wasn't enough anymore, you needed a performance. Unfortunately this also meant that my last live gig took place in Lisbon, 29.6.1999.

Later, in the new millennium I've ventured back in to playing live in many different forms; whether as a laptop/videoglasses-live (admittedly, I have mixed feeling about it, but musically it is quite rewarding), with my dRUMMAN-guise where I take about a third of my studio gear on stage and improvise, as PATTERN LANGUAGE, a kraut/ambient project with Tuomas Toivonen, or with the Acid Symphony Orchestra -just to name a few.

Current solo live set-up consists of a custom modular system, MPC, iPads, drum machines and FX...