Taken from the new album "Oh But I Am", out on My Favorite Robot Records in September, 2015.


The third Sin Cos Tan album within two years is out now.
"Blown Away" is a theme album based around a fictional story of a middle-aged American man finding a new career as a drug courier.

New SIN COS TAN -again!

Sin Cos Tan are preparing to release our third full length album, titled "Blown Away". Here's the first single off it

SIN COS TAN - Afterlife

The new Sin Cos Tan album "Afterlife" is out now.

The first single off it is called Limbo, and this is the video.


New homepage is online now: Sin Cos Tan

JOHN FOXX & JORI HULKKONEN - European Splendour EP

Four new songs by John Foxx & Jori Hulkkonen. CD/vinyl/digital formats include a remix by David Lynch. On Sugarcane recordings.


Sin Cos Tan, a synthesized duo of great promise, broken dreams, and long nights.
Full length debut album is out now on CD, vinyl and digital formats.

Check the video for the debut single "Trust"

Liquid Hologram

The new musicvideo taken from the 3rd Culture album, Negative Time.

3rd Culture - Negative time

The new full length artistalbum, Negative Time, is out on the Canadian label My Favorite Robot..
With the new moniker, 3rd Culture, Jori continues his explorations within the deeper side of house.

Preview the album here:

Stop Modernists with Fred Ventura

Stop Modernists, aka Alex Nieminen and Jori are back with another coverversion. This time with aid of Italodiscolegend mr Fred Ventura they turn Jens Lekman's ballad Pocketful of Money into, well, something a bit different.


The debut album from the unlikely duo of Tania "Via Tania" Bowers and Jori Hulkkonen is out now. More info on the album here.

PROCESSORY - change is gradual out now

The second full length album from Processory (Jori Hulkkonen & Jerry Valuri) is out now on Sugarcane recordings. 18 songs, and 80 minutes of music. You can choose between "Compact Disc" and DIGITAL -formats.


Stop Modernist's (aka Jori Hulkkonen & Alex Nieminen) collaboration 12" with Chris Lowe of the Pet Shop Boys finally sees the light of day on June 14th. Extended vocal and dubmix both get digital and 12" releases, hear the radioedit here

Stop Modernists featuring Chris Lowe - SUBCULTURE - radio edit 128kbps by Sahko

my new musicvideo

Music written and produced by Jori Hulkkonen
Video produced and directed by Thomas Sontag, and shot on location at the dystopic Habitat 67 housing complex in Montreal, Canada.

Jori Hulkkonen - Weaknesses - Turbo 091 from Turbo Recordings on Vimeo.


The all new website features fully updated bio/disco/remixgraphies, hours of music (also unreleased), and info on works in process. Feel free to explore.

Among many exciting new things, here's my new EP on TURBO: SWOT

Turbo 091 - Jori Hulkkonen - S.W.O.T. from Turbo Recordings on Vimeo.

Selkäsaari tracks 15 years

To commemorate the 15th birthday of my debut album Selkäsaari Tracks, whoever missed out on it back in 1996, here's a chance to check a few tracks from it.

Jori Hulkkonen - Selkäsaari by Selkäsaari Tracks
Jori Hulkkonen - Cum Off It by Selkäsaari Tracks
Jor Hulkkonen - The Vinci by Selkäsaari Tracks
Jori Hulkkonen - Blane Tudor's Theme by Selkäsaari Tracks
Jori Hulkkonen - Heights by Selkäsaari Tracks
Jori Hulkkonen - Sumthing by Selkäsaari Tracks

And to add some extra value, here's a couple of EXCLUSIVE UNRELEASED tracks from the same sessions (Selkäsaari Tracks/Rokataan Täysillä/Hot In The Heels Of Blane Tudor) that never made it.

Jori Hulkkonen - unreleased / 1995 sessions by radiojori3


Midnight Versions of two top tracks from last years Villa Nah's debut album 'Origin'. Surely not a surprise that both mixes come from me, as I co-produced and mixed the original album as well. Running On a collab remix with Jesper Dahlbäck as Kebacid, and All The Days a solo effort. Out now on Turbo.

Turbo 098 | Villa Nah - Midnight Versions by turborecordings

dRUMMAN 12" is out now!

The first Jori Hulkkonen release as dRUMMAN is out. The Quasar EP is out on the fantastic LUX RECORDINGS

dRUMMAN live clips

dRUMMAN live @ sheikkisheikki 22.1.2011 by Jori Hulkkonen
Jori Hulkkonen is dRUMMAN live 20.11.2010 @ YK/Helsinki by Jori Hulkkonen

Acid Symphony Orchestra in full effect.

Some highlights from our gig in Istanbul earlier in 2010.

Acid Symphony Orchestra LIVE at Club Babylon, Istanbul from Jori Hulkkonen on Vimeo.

More music on SOUNDCLOUD

The last 30 minutes of a one hour live set at Night Moves in Tampere/Finland 30.10.2010.
On the first half i tried out some yet unreleased material.
Small break at 14:15 = computercrash, edited the break down to a couple of seconds from the original 1 minute that it took me to get things running again, otherwise 100% unedited.
Tried a new concept on the gig: interfacing the computer via videoglasses.

Jori Hulkkonen Live in Tampere @ Night Moves 30.10.2010 by Jori Hulkkonen

Jori Hulkkonen DJ Set - October 22, 2010 in Montreal @ Velvet, courtesy of Turbo Recordings.

Jori Hulkkonen DJ Set - October 22, 2010 by turborecordings

DJ mix

5h30mins long DJ set recorded 25.9.2010 at Klubi / Turku / Finland, in three parts.
Rough, unedited, and gets a bit distorted towards the end. Enjy.

Jori Hulkkonen DJ-set 25-9-2010 part 1 by alppihouz1

Jori Hulkkonen DJ-set 25-9-2010 part 2 by alppihouz2

Jori Hulkkonen DJ-set 25-9-2010 part 3 by alppihouz3


Due to the extremely positive feedback on dRUMMAN liveshow at FLOW 2010-festival last month (originally intended to be a one-off exclusive) I've decided to keep the option to perform as dRUMMAN available, with one date already confirmed: New Years Eve @ Club Hertz/Korjaamo, Helsinki. As the show is 100% hardware based, and therefore quite heavy to travel with I'm planning to keep this a "Finland-only" affair for the time being.
The first dRUMMAN 12" will be released on LUX records later this year.

Man From Earth / I am Dead, the remixes

Catch the hot remixes on Turbo recordings from Jesper Dahlbäck, Sei A, Matt Walsh & Alex Jones, and Guy J. Out Now.

Also, check the Juno chart number #1 I Am Dead 12" with fantastic new mixes from Hercules and Love Affair, CFCF and Who Made Who on Sugarcane Recordings.


Inspired by the finer traditions of synthpop duos, Villa Nah's debut album Origin passes the torch to a new decade. While fully aware and respecting the legacy, they offer a fresh angle. Released on the legendary Sähkö/Keys Of Life label.
All songs written by Villa Nah, produced & mixed by Jori Hulkkonen & Villa Nah @ alppIVhouz studios.

PRESSQUOTES / Jori Hulkkonen - Man From Earth (Turbo recordings)

CMU ( "Trendy he might not be, but that just makes the gems to be found in his back catalogue all the more special, this album included."

Zap! Bang! magazine: "Jori Hulkkonen rarely fails to impress... Hulkkonen has established himself as an original, boundary breaking artist - a reputation that is hard to keep up ... Man From Earth is a testament to a DJ with true staying power... he can hold his head high as a super producer."

Juno: "The album maintains an incredibly cohesive, mature feel.... The quality of this album suggests he'll be lucky if he remains "undercover" for much longer."

Future Music: Album of the Month, December 2009.
"The musical omnipresence... feels much more carefree and playful. It seems the less Jori cares about the scene, genre and popularity or trend the better his music gets. Buy it Now."

Tokafi: "In search of its roots, the (techno) community seems shaken by a musical midlife crisis. Its map of influences remains a mess, its aesthetics diffuse, its philosophies blurred. Jori Hulkkonen could be the man to make sense of it all.... he has represented the different factions and united the polarities of Techno like few others.... it is the sheer stylistic breadth of the material which turns the album into a veritable roller-coaster-ride. There is more to „Man from Earth“ than its amiable feel-god- and fun-factor, however, and against the odds, it is this very depth which elevates it above the directionless din of average efforts. What expresses itself through this colourful string of experiments is, in fact, an incredibly profound knowledge about the various origins and offshoots of the genre – as well as a remarkable talent at bringing them together under one roof.... Into its third decade as a genre, Techno may be undergoing a major midlife crisis. But „Man from Earth“ looks like proof that this transition may well turn out to be just as inspiring as it is going to be painful."

Pravda: "80%"

DJ magazine: 4,5/5 "Incredible Hulkkonen... brilliant new LP ...damn well deserves full recgnition for this outing."

Subculture: 4/5

Beatfactor: " The Finn responsible for the fame of Mr. Tiga Sontag, Jori Hulkkonen officially launched the seventh album in 14 years in a career that revolutionized and shaped the electronic music scene all over the world....
'Man From Earth' is a very personal album, full of songs wrapped in a sound not peculiar Turbo Recordings, which seemed to carry you while in the '80s. "

OH: "...(tracks) the whole Turbo-team and DJs from around the world can and should
incorporate into their sets. Uninhibited and armed with sounds that can be produced only by Hulkkonen, Man From Earth is full of real sonic booms"

Montreal Mirror: album of the week. 10/10
"In some years as a music writer, I haven’t come along an album as deft, versatile and fascinating as Jori Hulkkonen’s Man From Earth.... From this unsung Finnish virtuoso with nearly two decades of electronic production experience comes a gorgeous, dark, exhilarating 10th artist LP... This is easily among the best electronic releases of the year"

Keys: 8/10 "Grab it! ...covering a variety of styles we love. And: every song is danceable!"

Lodown: "... the synthesizer mastermind is now back, presenting a proper and much broader journey, successfully distinguishing
his own definition of house music. Recommended!"

Resident Advisor: "...there are moments of brilliance, and not just hands-in-the-air brilliance either. Tracks like "Dancerous" deliver real punch... "Ridge Over Trouble Forrester" and "Musta Gunilla," meanwhile, are classic Jori: Detroit-inspired jams that are as tough as they are melodic and beautiful. The 909 gets a workout and the results are big and raw, with both standing as potential highlights for perennial Hulkkonen fans."

Medienkonverter: Finland Strikes Again!

Sister Flo - AU

The new album from the Finnish indie outfit Sister Flo called AU has hit the stores. Originally the album was supposed to be produced by Jori, but during the sessions Jori came so involved with the album that he became a member of the band co-writing all the tracks, as well as producing and mixing it. The album ranges from experimental minimalism to krautrock. OUT NOW on Fullsteam Records.


The new album is out now, get your copy here or at your local recordstore. Also check the digital bonustracks on Beatport/iTunes/Juno...
Check the music out on MySpace.

Acid Symphony Orchestra - Diamonds Of The Night

Check out the new video here.

New Jori Hulkkonen album "Man From Earth" in October

The world we live in, on a very fundamental level, is flawed.

On the eve of my tenth album release I'm still writing my own bio and wondering if I should refer to myself in third person, analyze the past 15 years and justify bad career moves as artistic integrity, and promote myself as the unsung hero of techno and house; a mere victim of poorly timed strokes of genius (numerous!) and being born in the wrong part of the world.

Well, sarcasm never really did become me, and irony works only if unnoticed. Double fail.

It's easy enough to google up some old Jori Hulkkonen bio with real biographical info, or check out my discography from my website so I'll spare you the boring details of my "career".

Ever since the late 80's when my obsession with all things music started to manifest itself with an increasingly verstaile record collection and eventually some synths and experiments in songwriting, it has been quite clear to me that I'm destined to create my life's work within the business. The problem is that as an idealist cynic with tight grip on realism I'm well aware that 'the biz' is a sinking ship more or less, and I'm already dancerously close to the waterline. But the good news is that I stopped caring.

Here's why:

Having released my first proper artist album in 1996 for the French label F communications (defunct now since 2008, with my album "Errare Machinale Est" as their final release -coincidence?), I've managed to do something I never thought would be possible, something that I'm the most proud of all things in my career: never becoming popular.

After nine albums, dozens of pseudonym releases on superhot labels (like Rekids and Get Physical just to mention a couple from the past few years), close to a hundred remixes, my own radioshow on national radio for more than a decade (in Finland though, so it may not count), thousands of DJ gigs all over the world under my belt (OK I never actually counted but a quick calculation tells me it must be close to 2000 now), producing and writing songs for the likes of Tiga (whom I created in the first place), and having a reputation as a producer who can make an 808 kickdrum sound like a jazzy flute, you'd expect that there was a time when I was The Shit. But I never was!

Sure enough there's a lot people who never were "big", but are they still working? Releasing albums, singles, getting remix requests and DJing all over after 15 years? No. But I am. And this I see as my greatest achievement and there's a lesson to be learned everyone: If you never become trendy it's impossible for you to become untrendy.

Will all this change now though with my hotter than hot new album on Turbo, or the buzz around my Acid Symphony Orchestra (a piece I wrote for ten tb-303's and a 707, conducted by me)? Or the rumoured collaboration with Chris Lowe of the Pet Shop Boys?

It remains to be seen but I'm dedicated to give my best shot to not let it happen.

Man From Earth, my tenth studio album, is the first "Jori Hulkkonen" album not released on the now defunct F communications.

How will this change of label affect my sound? Is this the end of ballads, jazz and ambient? Of course not -not even for me - but the album is a deliberate (as in not forced) departure from the bedroom vibes with focus on jams for the dance crowds.

Recorded at my alppIVhouz studios, most of the tracks were intended for 12" singles so they are not album tracks as such, therefore the album is maybe not as coherent and subtle as some of my previous efforts. But what it may lack in atmospheric synthpads, "scandinavian mooddesign" and social commentary it makes up in catchy basslines, sizzling hihats and semi-danceable tracks...

Man From Earth is out on Turbo recordings in October.

TIGA - Ciao!

The second album from Tiga, "Ciao!" is out now. Co-written by the usual suspects (Soulwax, Jesper Dahlbäck among others) there's two tracks from Jori Hulkkonen as well: "Speak, Memory" and "Sex O'Clock", both written by Jori and Tiga, and the former produced by Jori, and the latter co-produced by Jori and James Murphy.

The PRESETS again

Jori gets his hands on yet another track from The Presets. This time around it's the new single "If I Know You", and instead of doing a remix, The Prestes suggested doing a cover version with Via Tania with whom Jori has been writing new music in the past months. The single is out now on Modular records.

Archives opened!

The entire Processory album I did together with Jerry Valuri in 2007 can be now found here.

An even rarer treat is the official unreleased Step Time Orchestra album "Compilexxion 1997-1999". Available only on MySpace!



Villa Nah, an up-and-coming band from Helsinki have just released their debut, a 3-track EP (available as Digital, 12" vinyl and ltd ed CD), on Keys Of Life Recordings. The EP is produced and mixed by Jori Hulkkonen together with the band.

Sunglasses re-release hits nr 1 @ Beatport and German Club Chart

Third in the series of my SidLovesTurbo podcasts is now available in here.
To celebrate the re-release of the Tiga & Zyntherius (yes it's me) "Sunglasses At Night" on Turbo recordings now in August, included in the podcast is also one of the new slamming mixes by Black Devil Disco Club. Other mixes come from Alter Ego, D.I.M., Popof and Konrad Black.
In the podcast you'll be also able to hear my forthcoming remix of Kid Cudi's Day'N'Nite.
And if you missed the first two shows they're still available here and here.

Dislocated on the new Best of John Foxx

John Foxx is releasing a new Best Of compilation in September 2008, and amongst such classic tracks as "Underpass" and "Europe After The Rain" you will also find the 2005 Jori Hulkkonen collaboration "Dislocated".


There's a pretty cool interview here where you'll find me talking about my recent album 'Errare Machinale Est', technology, songwriting, Finnish electronic music scene...


My new album ERRARE MACHINALE EST is out now through F communications / PIAS. On vocal duties you will find Justine Electra, John Foxx, Ebb, Jimi Tenor, Jerry Valuri, Nick Triani and Ernesto. Check out my myspace for audiosamples.

It is available in three formats:
as digital download (iTunes, Beatport...),
as a limited edition Finland-only CD (however if you are located outside FInland but still want the CD check out recordstores such as recordshopx, stupido or 8raita who are happy to supply you with a copy),
and naturally as a very beautiful DLP vinyl which -as usual -will be slightly delayed, and hit the stores worldwide on april 7th.


-on the remix front after the well received CHROMEO "Bonafied Lovin" re-jam watch out for ROBYN "Be Mine!", THE PRESETS "This Boy's In Love", M83 "Couleurs", JAQEE "Castara Blues", BRIDGET "Dearest", and KIKI & SASSE "Belvedere" getting the JH treatment.

Acid Symphony

Documentary about the Acid Symphony is now on youtube in 3 parts.
Begin your acid experience by clicking here


2008 marks the 20th anniversary of my first productions, 15th anniversary of my first 12" release and 10th anniversary of my radioshow. Wahey!

new. New. New! NEW!!

2007 has been an amazing year with so many new directions, projects and collaborations, I'm not sure where to begin. Here's a few things you should be aware though

-I'm very proud to announce that JOHN FOXX -with whom I already worked with on my previous album Dualizm - features on the first single taken from my forthcoming album. NEVER BEEN HERE BEFORE will be out on 12" and digital in March. You can hear the radio/blogedit NOW at myspace or check out the video here

-the second 12" in the FENNO-BARON series on Turbo recordings is out now. Titled RAVE 2.0, and it features the anthemic CROWD GET READY TO BE JAMMED -track that has left people devastated on the floors in the past few months with the select few DJs who've actually had the chance to play it out. Consider yourselves warned.

-Kebacid2: Return of the Falefalacid EP, an acid collaboration with Jesper Dahlbäck is out now on Blank LTD

-an exclusive DISCEMI (aka Jori with Tuomas Salmela) track WHEN MIKA SHOT PUTS is out on Dessous recordings.

-in 2007 I also built a new studio, alppIVhouz. See more here


Time for another dancefloor jammer from DISCEMI (Jori & Tuomas), this time on RadioSlave's hotttt REKIDS imprint. DATASAPIEN is the title and the flipside sees RADIOSLAVE in full remix action.


The good response for the track "Lo-Fiction" on Jori's 2005 album Dualizm was the catalyst that resulted collaborator Jerry Valuri and Jori to record a full album on the same principle. They call themselves Processory and the selftitled debut album will be released on February 14th 2007.
To hear the first single, "Mercury", go here. or to hear it AND see it, click play


Jori's new pseudonym, Fenno-Baron, will release a 4-track dancefloor EP on the Canadian Turbo-label. It is titled "Katajanukke EP", it's a theme-record based on the bestselling Finnish sci-fi book by the same name from the 80's written by Pekka Virtanen, and it will be out in February 2007.

Frack Track

A previously unreleased Discemi-track, 'Frack Track ', is out on the Get Physical compilation 'Full Body Workout (Volume Three)'.

Some REMIXes coming up

Apart from secretive work on Jori's own forthcoming material, there's plenty of remixes coming up this fall: Five Corners Quintet 'Before We Say Goddbye' on Ricky-Tick records, Newcleus 'Destination Earth' on DeeplaySoultec, Acido '8nov'on SexTagsMania, Ebb 'I'm All Made Of Music' on Gaymonkey records, and Justine Electra 'Fancy Robots' on City Slang.

DISCEMI - Tango or Cash

In the shops near you! Jori teams again with Tuomas Salmela on this space/time-bending stormer. Released on the hotter-than-hot label Get Physical Music, there's no place you can hide from this one this summer.

HIENOSTUNUT SONNI - shampookauppias

This mysterious acid 12" is now out on the New York based label AD Ltd. Can you handle the acid?


BOYS ON TAPE, aka Jori with his longtime friend Tuomas Salmela, hit the streets with fresh wax. Released on the legendary Keys Of Life label, this two tracker is aimed straight for those peak hours on discodistortion floors.

SEXOR is out

Canadian hyperDJ Tiga has finally released his long awaited debut album, "Sexor". The album features one track produced and co-written by Jori; High School. The track dates back to the unreleased Tiga & Zyntherius album, "The Strings That Divide Us", and is the only track released from those sessions along with Dying In Beauty that featured on Jori's 2005 Dualizm album.

HÖSH! returns

A new track by Hösh! will be out in February on F... U! F com. "Savage/Hyneman theorem" is the title, and the release is once again a split with The Youngsters.


The mighty John Foxx (original Ultravox! leadsinger and the man behind the genredefining synthpop album "Metamatic" from 1980) teams up with Jori on Dislocated, the 3rd single and one of the highlights of the DUALIZM album. The 12" package comes with remixes from Jussi-Pekka, The Youngsters, Huoratron and Jori himself. OUT NOW.

Recent press quotes concerning Dualizm...

"Elegant and punchy in equal measure"
DJ MAG, may 2005

"undoubtedly his finest album yet"
IDJ, may ‏2005

"Jori takes retro-futurist chic and gives it an injection of vitality and inventiveness"
MOJO, June 2005

“Finally, an electronic album with a real concept! If other producers took Jori’s lead, electronic music would be a far more exciting place”
HOT PRESS, May 2005

“Enough depth and width here to satisfy the most demanding of listerners”

“Lo-Fiction may sound derivative and generic but that doesn't really matters because it's one of the most beautiful electronic records I’ve heard in years.”
DJ, may 2005

“[Lo-Fiction] is a taster that makes you want to rush out and hear the album”
I-DJ, june 2005

“It’s good, throbbing electronic music”
Trust the (web)

“Is Jori Hulkkonen the most underrated producer in the world?”
DJ MAG, may 2005

DUALIZM out now!

The new album Dualizm is available now on both CD and vinyl formats.
Please note the differences in the tracklistings depending on the format (see "disco" for details).
Vocalists featured this time around include John Foxx (Dislocated), Jerry Valuri (Lo-Fiction), Nick Triani (Science), José Gonzáles (Blinded By The Numbers) and Tiga (Dying In Beauty).


The latest single off the album, Lo-Fiction, is in the shops.
Remixes come courtesy of Tuomas Salmela and his Phonogenic alias, and Finnish nu-housers Star You Star Me, plus a retrostyle dub of the original by Jori himself.
Jerry Valuri is the man behind the vocals, and the rather moving video for the track is available in the video-section. The video is based on a true story.


Dark Matters, a track recorded during the Dualizm-sessions but nixed from the album on the final stages of doing the tracklisting, is out now on the sublabel of F com, F...U!Fcom! The 12" is a split, and the flipside features Dirty Life by The Youngsters.


The first 12" off the new album Dualizm, the single is titled Science. It features vocals from Nick Triani, and in addition to the album version it comes fully equipped with remixes from Aril Brikha, Jesper Dahlbäck and Alexi Delano.