Radio has always been a big source of inspiration; eversince I heard Depeche Mode or Inner City for the first time on Swedish P3, or Basement Jaxx on RadioMafia. Therefore I found it always only natural that in a way I should contribute back to the thing that got me started in the first place.

In 1998 I was proposed to host a radioshow on the national channel RadioMafia. The show was a monthly, one hour show with a DJ mix of records currently in my bag, simply titled Jori Hulkkonen. The show ran until early 2003.

In 2000 -coinciding with my move to Helsinki - I was asked to widen the repertoire and I started doing another show, Klubi, also on RadioMafia. This two hour show was aired every two weeks, and was more eclectic musically, plus it featured guest mixes and livesets. In 2003 RadioMafia changed its name to YleX. Klubi ran there on Friday nights up until the end of 2006 when the channel changed its profile again to slightly more mainstream.

From the beginning of 2007, the new slot on YleX was first on Tuesday nights, simply titled 'Jori Hulkkonen', and in 2010 the show moved to Monday nights, and was cut down to 60 minutes.

In the end of 2010 YleX decided to cancel all specialist club/electronic shows, and went all mainstream.

Below a few examples from hundreds of shows I did between 1998-2010, including the very first one from September 1998.

Jori Hulkkonen - TanssiTiistai 1998-09-02 (First Show) by radiojori1
Jori Hulkkonen - TanssiTiistai 2002-10-01 by radiojori1

Jori Hulkkonen - Soul Surgery 2000 01 11 by radiojori2

Jori Hulkkonen - Klubi 2005 01 07 by radiojori4

Jori Hulkkonen - TanssiTiistai 1999 06 04 by radiojori3

Jori Hulkkonen - TanssiTiistai 2001-09-04 by radiojori2

An interesting footnote in the Finnish radio and festivalhistory was also made. At the turn of the millennium Finnish RadioMafia-listeners had the privilidge of enjoying live broadcasts from Midnight Sun Soul Festival, the first Finnish electronic music festival hosted by Jori Hulkkonen and Tuomas Salmela. Between 1999-2001 the festival was located in the sunny beach of Nallikari in Oulu, but due to financial and mainly political reasons the show had to relocate to Kemi for 2002. The new venue, Mansikkanokka Beach Resort, turned out to be the perfect location and the festival was a massive success. So massive infact, that it was decided that it just couldn't get any bigger or better and 2002 eventually was the last MSSF.

Below Midnight Sun Soul Festival 2001, as broadcast by RadioMafia.

Midnight Sun Soul Festival 2001 by MidnightSunSoulFestival

Currently. I have a show every two weeks on Bassoradio